Some Links to NVC and conflict resolution information and activities:

(this page maintained by Tom Murray)

NVC International/National Links

Local Links

Pioneer Valley NVC mailing list:

"An online community of students and practitioners of Nonviolent Communication
established to support one another and to exchange information."

Contact: Jon Kent <> 549-0788
(or Jerry Koch-Gonzalez" <>)

John and others are organizing classes and ongoing practice groups.

The Conscious Communication Institute (CCI) of Greenfield, Massachusetts

Founded by Sandra Boston

CCI incorparates NVC and other communication and conflict resolution frameworks in their workshops.
Many local classes and workshops offered.

Boston Area:

Pat Arcady <> -- workshop leader

NY Area:

Gail Taylor, NYNVC Coordinator and Trainer --

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communicationsm (NVC) is a process
that strengthens our ability to inspire compassion
from others and respond compassionately to
others and ourselves. NVC guides us to reframe
how we express ourselves and how we hear
others by focusing our consciousness on what we
are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.
It is a language of empathy and honesty,
and is sometimes described as
“the language of the heart.”

Practical and proven in daily life around the world,
Nonviolent Communication is a reliable language for being heard,
hearing others, clearly and confidently expressing our needs and dreams,
and for working through conflict with compassion and success.