Heart-Mind Communication

-- skills for clear, compassionate, conscious, and authentic communication --


Classes, workshops, coaching, and consulting by

Tom Murray and Victoria Yoshen


413-529-2120,  tommurray.us@gmail.com






We offer our skills in nonviolent/authentic/conscious communication in the following ways:


- Beginning and intermediate communication skills classes

- Professional development workshops for your organization

- Couples/partners classes 

- Classes for parents (just adults, or parents and children)

- Groups of children or young adults (school- or community-based)

- Conflict resolution coaching

- Relationship support for individuals, couples, and colleagues

- Consulting with life-passage and transformational rituals





Upcoming classes:


(None Scheduled. Call us!)


More classes, locations and times to be announced:


Heart-Mind Communication for Partners

Learn Heart-Mind communication skills with a spouse, close friend, or colleague. Support each other in skill-building and growth.  Learn about dialog options for when both parties are "triggered."


Heart-Mind Communication for Parents

Learn how to apply Heart-Mind and Nonviolent Communication skills to parenting situations and family conflicts.




Skills/topics include:


- Skills for listening and reflecting

- Clarifying and advocating for one's needs, goals, and visions

- Identifying the information available in strong feeling states

- Communicating without judging others

- Finding compassion and connection--prioritizing relationship

- Skills for use in conflict and "triggering" situations

- Developing habits for appreciating others and self

- Making specific, clear, do-able requests

- Making amends and restorative justice


(Based in part on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication Model)



Tom and Victoria have been together for 16 years and we have used these skills extensively in our relationship, in parenting, in formal conflict resolution sessions, and in the workplace. We enjoy helping others learn, heal, and deepen family, collegial, and friendship relationships. We have been inspired by the works of Marshall Rosenberg, Byron Katie, Sandra Boston, Ondrea & Stephen Levine, Harvey Jackins, and Ken Wilber.


CONTACT US at:  413-529-2120,  tommurray.us@gmail.com